METSEK Disabled Matchplay Championships 2021

METSEK Disabled Matchplay Championships 2021 was held 17.-18.9.2021 top condition Master Golf Forest and Master -courses.

The weather throughout the event was autumn cold and windy but dry, with the exception of a few brief rain. The prevailing conditions did not bother the players, as this was the first time in Finland that there were match play championships for golfers with disabilities. A total of 8 golfers took part of tournaments according their golf handicap. Players were divided into two baskets, also based on their golf handicap, after which the drawn first-round match pairs were ready to start the action. The game format was Matchplay without golf handicaps.

“Such an event is a great idea,” said Jukka Syrjänen, one of the pioneers of golfers with disabilities in Finland. “Usually we have only played stroke play kind of tournaments in Finland, so this form of play is a stimulus and a much-needed addition to the competition calendar. As soon as I heard about this event, I thought that i should get involved,” Syrjänen continues. In general, the message was parallel for all players in the tournament. An event like this has been in demand for a long time.

17.9.2021 at 15.00 Jari Vihanne had the honor of hitting the opening shot of the historic tournament. Other players had gathered around the No. 1 tii on Master’s Forest course to witness the event. The first shot was successful and the ball landed in the middle of the fairway, accompanied by applauses. When asked “Did you get nervous?” Vihanne said with a laugh, “No. This is where this game is just beginning, an awesome event coming.”

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3rd On italian Open 2018

What amazing week on Italian Open, that was played Beautiful Golf Crema Resort. Par 73 course.

I was 3rd in gross. First time in years Finnish player has been this high on EDGA European Tour tournament outside of Finland.

1. Joakim Björkman Sweden 71 80 151
2. Mick Horsley England 72 85 157
3. Johannes Siikonen Finland 87 91 178

Total 13 players.

More information you can find here:

Video of the tournament:

Lebo-Golf scolarship

Honored and humble to receive Lebo-Golf scolarship with other two talented athletes, Inkki Inola and Ilona Virtanen. Thank you so much Pirjo, Lefa, Irja, Jukka and others who made this possible. And all the best to Lebo for next steps on your amazing journey.  

Historical day in golf: Disabled gross stokeplay golf integrated in Finland

For the first time ever Finnish disabled gross champion was selected at the same time with abled Finnish gross champions. Same course, same field, from mens back tee.

The disabled golfers played together with best Finnish players in the National Championships of Finland. Tournament was open for amateur and professional golfers. The disabled players had their own categorie first time ever at the Finnish Championships held in Turku, Aura Golf last weekend.

Seven disabled golfers with lowest handicap participated the National Championships. The new Finnish Champion is Petri Takkunen (82-90), who won Tero Peltola (90-83) with one shot after two rounds. The transplant player Raimo Juuti (92-88) took the third place.

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Thank You for Year 2016!

The year changed and it is time to thank the past golf season 2016. It has been interesting year.

The main tournament of the season, European Championships held in Czech, final position was 58/80, Finnish Open 6/17. Standings in end of year of EDGA the European Tour’s ranking was 68/140. Finland E-Tour in the ranking was 4/10 (SCR). Hunger is huge to achieve greater success in the competition for following year 2017. With humble and full of new enthusiasm, i navigate towards for year 2017. A little bit technically better, physically better, mentally better. Better human being, golfer, footballer and sportsman.

Here is a little summary of the year in the light of the numbers 2016 (compared to 2015)

Number of rounds: 73 (59)
Round average: 84.72 (90.04)
Putt average: 30.33 (30.0)
Handicap in the end of 2016: 7.5 (8.4)

Other statistics 11/2015 -10/2016
Total amount of trainings: 196
Golf rounds: 71
Football Games 18
Days abroad because of sports: 20.

Total activities: 285 (196+71+18)

… And yes i have a dayjob 🙂

My own golf course, The Master golf training facilities and exellent condition of both courses also deserves a special thank you once again. It is amazing to be able to practice and play in a place where everything is tuned to the peak level and the player just need to focus on the essentials. Practicing and self-development.

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