Lebo-Golf scolarship

Honored and humble to receive Lebo-Golf scolarship with other two talented athletes, Inkki Inola and Ilona Virtanen. Thank you so much Pirjo, Lefa, Irja, Jukka and others who made this possible. And all the best to Lebo for next steps on your amazing journey.  

Thank You for Year 2016!

The year changed and it is time to thank the past golf season 2016. It has been interesting year.

The main tournament of the season, European Championships held in Czech, final position was 58/80, Finnish Open 6/17. Standings in end of year of EDGA the European Tour’s ranking was 68/140. Finland E-Tour in the ranking was 4/10 (SCR). Hunger is huge to achieve greater success in the competition for following year 2017. With humble and full of new enthusiasm, i navigate towards for year 2017. A little bit technically better, physically better, mentally better. Better human being, golfer, footballer and sportsman.

Here is a little summary of the year in the light of the numbers 2016 (compared to 2015)

Number of rounds: 73 (59)
Round average: 84.72 (90.04)
Putt average: 30.33 (30.0)
Handicap in the end of 2016: 7.5 (8.4)

Other statistics 11/2015 -10/2016
Total amount of trainings: 196
Golf rounds: 71
Football Games 18
Days abroad because of sports: 20.

Total activities: 285 (196+71+18)

… And yes i have a dayjob 🙂

My own golf course, The Master golf training facilities and exellent condition of both courses also deserves a special thank you once again. It is amazing to be able to practice and play in a place where everything is tuned to the peak level and the player just need to focus on the essentials. Practicing and self-development.

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Injured again!

It happened on the second round of Swedish Invitational. Game was almost over after 12 holes. Huge pain in back, side and front. Same kind of injury that happened last year. Exact one year before (8.8.2014).

Let’s see what there is to do. Hopefully this time no broken bones…

Testing new tools



To be honest, i haven’t ever think that Callaway has something for me. Maybe it’s just i have been thinking they are not intresting enough in brand point view. As a left handed player, i have always knewn that Phil Michelsson is playing with this brand, and he’s is without doubt one of the greatest players in history of golf, so i should take this brand more seriously. I was visiting once again in Golfpoint and when i saw Callaway Apex with Recoil 660 F3 Shafts there, they felt instantly perfect fit for me. Straight i went to Paloheinä Golf driving range and started comparing these ones for my current clubs. First i hit one ball. It felt good. Second one felt also good. Third, fourth… all of them… After hitting balls for three hours i was hugely surprised performance i had in my hand. I have to go testing couple of times more, but right now it feels like, could these ones be that missing part of my game?

Before getting too exited there is always that price tag. Well, if this keeps feeling this good… Then there is big decissions to make… 🙂

Injury in Competition

I got bad injury today during E-Tour Competition at Vihti Golf. It started feel bad on my right side on 11th hole, but in 17th hole it all collabsed. Crack behind my right shoulder and huge pain on front of me. I was able to finnish competition, but score wasn’t that good…

Right now it seems that i’m having 4-6 weeks fully rest. I will do everything to get well soon, but Finnish Open in end of August and World Championships in October are in risk right now…

New aiming sticks


I left my old aiming sticks in Spain, while i was playing in Nations cup. I didn’t want to buy some ordinary sticks, blue and white color has huge meaning for me. These are cool.