Disabled Golfer of the year 2012

Finnish Golf Fedoration awarded Year 2012 best golf players on Friday, 8.3..2013 at golf business days. Master Golf Johannes Siikonen was elected best disabled golfer of the year 2012.

“A great achievement” commented Siikonen. “Originally, the aim was to win the award one year later, but this feels good anyway.” Continued Siikonen. “In Finland, the disabled golfers performance level has increased every year, and that’s why winning this award is more and more difficult every year. We have a great Finnish players playing on European tour, and throw that we also constantly make each other perform better” Says Siikonen which also specifically mentions Tero Peltola influence for his game. “Tero is right now best player in Finland and they way tha he can handle the ball is something that you can only admire,” mentions Siikonen about Peltola, who plays and practices at Tarina Golf, Siilinj√§rvi.

“The other fellow players that deserve thanks are, Toni Vihavainen, Markku Korpim√§ki and Lasse Miettinen.” Siikonen continues.

“I am in a privileged position, in the sense that I have a great coach, Stenna Westerlund, who night after night thinks how to make me better golfer. It’s easy for me that i only have to practice it 10 000 times before it is in my spine, so to speak. So big thank about this award belongs to here and my home club Master Golf, whose support has made it possible that I’m able to be a better golfer. ”

“i’m looking foward for following season and can’t wait to get outside to hit some balls. I’m heading 25.3. to Barcelona trainingcamp for a week, and there we can see how well i have learnt new tjings during wintertime. “Siikonen ends.