EDGA Nation Cup 11.-13.11.2011

Team Finland, 4 players, took part of nation cup held in spain, 11-13.11.2011. organized by EDGA (European Disabled Golf Association)

The tournament was played La Torre Best Golf Course, designed by Jack Nicklaus, Near Murcia, in the village of Roldan. The field was challenging but beautiful par 68. Course’s most unusual detail was that the bunkers were surface-cutting many holes more than the fairway. In addition to challenging pin positions and watter hazards, as well area typical bushes and long grass, which almost always forced to take a penalty shot, put the course to condition that even the single-handicap players had their own difficulties to play under 90 shots results. The other hand, a wise and sensible game to get a good result was possible. You just have to remember to stay on fairway, away from the bushes and looked carefully when there was chances to attack to greens.

There was 11 teams participating in the tournament. There were two catergories. Strokeplay and Stableford. Finland took part in strokeplay (SRC), the three best scores of the four was result. Finnish point of view, season is already finished, and even though all had good results once in a while, the top-performance results were missing. After The first tournament day, Finnish were able to focus on winning on our beloved neighbors Sweden, and after Sweden agreed to accept the challenge, the first unofficial Finland-Sweden match (Finnkampen) in disabled golf was in progress. The Swedes led after the first day by three strokes, and they succeeded on the second day in a few last hole better than Finnish, so the final results were better to sweden by 10 strokes. Swedes got they advantage with a fact that only the top three results were calculated. If all four results were calculated, result would be better for Finland.

The arrangements were excellent, the field was tuned to an extremely challenging and Professional Pin Positions received praise from everybody and especially the winning team England’s captain. Also Stableford category winner was England. The next time Nation Cup will be held 2013 again in Spain.

Team Finland in EDGA Nation Cup 2011: Johannes Siikonen (MGC), Tero Peltola (story), Mr. Markku Korpimäki (JG) and Lasse Miettinen (GP)

Results of the top-3

Strokeplay (SRC)
1. England
2. Denmark
3. France

1. England
2. France
3. Spain