European Championships 2010 at Austria

European champioships were once again great event. Zell am See were extremely beautiful and great place to have a tournament like this.

I had bad flu and feaver the whole tournament and it clearly affected result, especially at the end. Three rounds of golf I could play as planned, the last two rounds were the worst rounds i had in summer 2010. Still, if you view the whole statistics (9 pair, 22 bogey, 12 doubles, 11 inferior), so few actually triple + double catastrophe holes ruined a good result. For my level at this moment pairs and bogeys came, however, quite commendably. Preparations went as planned and a mount of training were on that level that i could reach to my goal (goal was to be on top 10) On the other hand, i moved from C category to B category just before the tournament (= Stableford -> stroke) so goal was quite hard, but still i think achievable….

End of season 2010 there’s time to think littlebit of whole season:

In spite of everything, I noticed that the driving and hitting a ball on fairways were the same level, or nearly the same level as singel players. Ingredients for the top rounds where there, the only thing that prevents it is the lack of uniformity and certain deficiencies in short game. Putting is already on high level. Next year’s goal is to establish the level of the B series, and the gap continues to develop so that they become strengths.