European Championships 2012

European Championships were held in Denmark Bornholm island 22.-27.9.2012. Champions were in men Stefan Mörkholt (brutto 69+72+74) and in women Caroline Larsson (brutto 92+75+75). My final position were 7. (80+78+74 netto) in B-category, i’m quite happy about it, my original goal to be in top-10 were achieved.

94 players from 14 different countries. Place in Denmark of the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.

Time of 22 to 27/09/2012. Conditions: Cold, wet and windy.
Perfect conditions for European Championships for Disabled golfers.

Standart of tournament has always been on highest level. My goal was to be in top 10 in my own category.

From Finland 6 players took part of tournament. Johannes Siikonen (MGC), Tero Peltola (story), Lasse Miettinen (GP), Markku Korpimäki (JG), Markku Hokkinen (VGC) and Toni Vihavainen (wgcc). Also coach Reima Kaija. Grand opening ceremony was held in place called Baltic Sea Glass, opener of tournament were Danish professional golfer Iben Tinning.

The course ware built in an interesting scene. The narrow fairways between maize fields and a deep forest. There were some height differences on course, but they seemed quite logical. The first couple of holes straight down, and immediately after that couple of holes straight up. The varying wind conditions added their own flavor to the course, 180 meter shot could easily become a 120 meter shot.

Greens were in good condition, but they blended soup in its own way. First nine greens were much slower than the back nine. Fairways were narrow, so narrow that it wasn’t always wise to use your driver.

Practice day were cold. During the round the weather conditions varied a lot. Mainly cloudy and rainy, with a few spiced up with a sunbeam. My game were also ups and downs. Two birdies in scorecard, also three triples. 79 in net, looked promising.

The first competition day weather were quite similar than previous one. During the night the rain made greens soft and receiving, but pin positions tuned course in challenging mode. During a round hard water showers messed game. Hitting the ball were better than the previous day, but my putts didn’t want to go in. The situation got even a little bit tragicomic features. As a result, this summers worst putting round. More than nine strokes over my average. Round of 80 Net Profit. Fortunately, the other had also problems and position 8th after the first day meant that getting result i came looking for were still possible.

The second tournament day’s weather: cloudy and dry, also rised level of the tournament. Hitting the ball was not on the same level as in the previous two days, but thankfully short game and a few long putt kept me on board. Round of 78 net. My position after second day were 10th.

On the third day the weather remained cloudy and dry. The whole day i was quite calm. I was able to enjoy the atmosphere and my game even better. i kept my head together, and i was hitting the ball better than ever in the tournament. On back nine i had four consecutive birdies chnces. Regret, I was unable to make any of them. With a little luck, the result could have been really good. Now 74 gross and the final position 7. on tournament. Mission acomplished.

Tournament arrangements are working well. European champions were men’s side, Stefan Mörkholt (gross 69+72+74) and the women’s side Caroline Larsson (gross 92+75+75).
For Mörkholt win was 4th and for Larsson first.

Finnish players results:

14. / 32 Tero Peltola (net 4)
22. / 32 Lasse Miettinen (net 14)

7. / 31 John Siikonen (gross 8)
28. / 31 Markku Korpimäki (gross 26)
29. / 31 Markku Hokkinen (gross 29)

C-category (Stableford)
13. / 15 Toni Vihavainen