Finnish Open 2010

This year Finnish open was little bit two sided for me. Playing was quite ok and i hitted ball very well, but scoring is sometimes difficult. I had my chances. Second place after first round, turned third place after Jeroen Coumou from Holland played exellent second round finishing in front of me to second place.

I had whole week exellent caddie Esko. Thank you Esko, we had it all coming right there where it should be just before that 16th hole. No driver next time 😀

Here are the other category results:

Class 1, Strokeplay Scratch:
1. Peltola Tero 164 Strokes
2. Tuomola Pekka 166 Strokes
3. Miettinen Lasse 174 Strokes

Class 2, Strokeplay with handicaps:
1. Markku Tikkanen, KlG, 145 Strokes
2. Jason Kook, Hollanti, 147 Strokes
3. Markku Mustonen, MGS, 152 Strokes

Class 3 (Stableford):
1. Esa Meriluoto, KG, 67 points
2. Jerome Comou, Hollanti, 66 points
3. Johannes Siikonen, MGC, 64 points

Class 4 (Stableford):
1. Jukka Hyyppä, AGN, 67 points
2. Olli Satokangas, HaG, 66 points
3. Ismo Reivilä, HieG, 53 points

Class: Special Olympics
1. Samu Alander, HyG, 186 Strokes
2. Ville Lipsanen, KeG, 195 Strokes
3. Pauli Jarimo, ERG, 257 Strokes