Thank you everyone about Year 2011

Year 2011 is now over, but training for new season has been on for two month’s now. It’s time to say thank you for all of you who has believed in me and supported me during year 2011. Without support it wouldn’t be possible to play on European tour against players around the world. So especially thank you Terapeija Oy, Printmix Oy, Golfroom and of course my home course Master Golf Club.

Here’s some best moments and unofficial award ceremony from my point of view from the  year 2011:

Tournament of the Year

Italian Open @Rapallo. Course: Exellent, Weather: Exellent, Condition: Exellent, Hotel and arangements: Exellent. My Game: Bad 😀 Anyway besides that it’s always been pleasure play in italy. I will go there many times more. Thanks Paola and Danilo.

Caddie of the Year

Tommi R, from Finnish open 2011. One of the best caddies i’ve ever had in my life. It makes my life so much easier as a golfer to play with caddie who really knows what to do and know how i am hitting the ball. Big thank you Tommi. One shot better in the year 2012.

Runner Up: Isabella Rimton. Young extremy tallented and positive person and great golfer. Remember this name, i’m quite sure that we’ll hear from her later…

Best shot of the year

There has been many great shots during this past year, but if i have to pick one, it was in Sweden World Championships, last hole about hundred meter. Shot was middle of the green about 10 meters from hole, but there was about 30 people watching that. Thank you for the applause 😀

Best company of the year

Tero, Markku, Toni and Lasse. Best company to go around the world playing golf. There will be lots of tournaments in the future, let’s just keep moving foward. Cheers guys!

Disabled Golfer of the year

I think best Disabled golfer in the world in 2011 was Stefan Mörkholt. People usually talks about Johan Kammerstad and he’s also very good golfer, but overall i think Stefan is better right now.

Runner Up: EDGA Order Of Merit winner Hans Van Elven. Second runner-up Duncan Hamilton-Martin

Conclusion from Year 2011

In year 2011 i hitted ball better than i have ever hitted in my life. Still the results in competitions were worst i’ve ever had in my whole career. I think right now i’m first time in a situation were standarts are already on so high level that mental part of game will take more and more important part of everything. That’s something i’ve to work with during year 2012 and of course learn more how to hit ball better. 🙂

See you on the field!