Thank You for Year 2016!

The year changed and it is time to thank the past golf season 2016. It has been interesting year.

The main tournament of the season, European Championships held in Czech, final position was 58/80, Finnish Open 6/17. Standings in end of year of EDGA the European Tour’s ranking was 68/140. Finland E-Tour in the ranking was 4/10 (SCR). Hunger is huge to achieve greater success in the competition for following year 2017. With humble and full of new enthusiasm, i navigate towards for year 2017. A little bit technically better, physically better, mentally better. Better human being, golfer, footballer and sportsman.

Here is a little summary of the year in the light of the numbers 2016 (compared to 2015)

Number of rounds: 73 (59)
Round average: 84.72 (90.04)
Putt average: 30.33 (30.0)
Handicap in the end of 2016: 7.5 (8.4)

Other statistics 11/2015 -10/2016
Total amount of trainings: 196
Golf rounds: 71
Football Games 18
Days abroad because of sports: 20.

Total activities: 285 (196+71+18)

… And yes i have a dayjob 🙂

My own golf course, The Master golf training facilities and exellent condition of both courses also deserves a special thank you once again. It is amazing to be able to practice and play in a place where everything is tuned to the peak level and the player just need to focus on the essentials. Practicing and self-development.

Thousands of hours of training and a lot of hard work is behind. But still, without outside support, again, these achievements would not have been possible. It is etuoiketettua get to do what you love and to aim toward the dreams that have been imposed on itself, noting at the same time how many people follow my journey and will live with them so good as in bad moments.

Thank you for the year 2016. Year 2017 will be once again extremely interesting and challenging. Team European Championships, held in June at Portugal will be the main event of the season. The first EDGA European Tour competition this year 2017 will be held as early as February, 10.-12.2.2017 close to Malaga at Parador course.