Training camp in Spain

Finally. Hitting balls outside. This has been my dream for so many months. Dark months indoors have felt so long and boring. So first day of my holiday i went to Spain. To Sitges to be more specific. Golf Club Terramar. Facilities were perfect, weather were perfect and people were perfect. Perfect way to start season. Training twice a day plus one round of golf. I know that i didn’t speak same language with other players, but it didn’t matter. We could speak language called Golf. It’s all you need.

I was hitting ball actually quite well, which was bit surprising considering that last time i was able to hit balls outside were French Open in october 2012. Bit to do with shortgame but still besides all that i was able to hit scores that started with 80’sh, so looks promesing for coming season.

Thank you for everyone who has been suportive and made this trip possible to me. Without support it’s not possible follow your dreams becoming best in that what you do.

No waiting starts. Maybe soon in Finland is also possible to hit ball outside. Still long wait to go i think. Until that time comes let’s just continue training indoors and dreaming about summer.