Winner of Finnish Disabled Open 2012 B-cat


Mads Lykke Nielsen (Winner of A-cat) and me.

I did it! I won Finnish Disabled Open B-cat with 6 strokes! After first day i was 3 stokes behind leader, Rudolf Elmpt. Feels ingredible. Truly. I feel so happy and gratefull! I just want to thank my coaches Stenna Westerlund and Patrick Roos and my extremely good (how can i say this, because i really mean this!) caddie Julia Kettinen. Julia: It looked quite dark after first round, but somehow you were able to dig me out from my hole. I really can smile, but sometimes you just need someone say it to you. And you have such a talent to say right things on right moments. Like on that 4th hole on second day after i accidently kicked my ball and had one shot penalty. That was one turning point of tournament. You’re great golfer and i really hope that you can reach to your stars someday.

Without this team this wouldn’t be possible. I think i realize this win in a while, but at ceremony it all just felt so good.

Thank you Rudi for great company on final round. You didn’t gave up easily. I just hope i would be able to play go on that high level that you are on age of 70. I really apreciate you as ahtlete and gentleman.

Thank you Master golf for supporting me. Thank you all my friends and companies for your support. All these things are important for road to success.

And finally i want to thank you Jusa. Without you i wouldn’t be playing golf. You have lighten spark of golf in me and during years it has turned in flames.

My caddie Julia and Me

Andrew Cardiner turned pro during tournament and here’s he’s first shot as professional

Tero Peltola was best Finnish player in A-cat and therefore Finnish Champion 2012

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